2022 Calendar Print Set


A super-collectible set of THIRTEEN signed Olivia 8″ x 10″ giclée prints featuring all the main pinups from the 2022 calendar:

January’s ‘Catnip’ (Bettie Page), February’s ‘Sweetheart: Red’ (Dita Von Teese), March’s ‘IAmTrouble.com’ (Masuimi Max), April’s ‘Cuddlebunny’ (Stefania Ferrario), May’s ‘Tiddlywinks’ (Bettie Page), June’s ‘Serria’ (Serria Tawan), July’s ‘Banshee’ (Julie Strain), August’s ‘On the Prowl’, September’s ‘Gumdrop’ (Rhonda Ridley), October’s ‘Franky & Bettie’ (Bettie Page​), November’s ‘Carmen’, and December’s ‘Merry Christmas’ (Claire Sinclair), and ‘Babycakes’ (Shirley Kilpatrick).

All artist-signed prints are studio embossed on 100% rag paper, each with a ​certificate of authenticity.


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