Poster size: 22.5″x30″ 

© 2004 
Model: Julie Strain 

Olivia: “My great friend Julie Strain is a true Sex Dream Queen. At six foot one, she stands above all the rest, larger than life, if you will. She has generously introduced to us some of our best models, and those shoots are always memorable for their fun, creativity,and craziness. I lose all control of my studio/house as Julie and her truckload of models, all in glam makeup, with props, lingerie, and feathered thingies, and an endless amount of unexplainable “stuff”, pour out, like a carnival trick, and fill our house with chaos. Grown men have run in fear. Of course, Joel hangs in there, a real trooper, to capture the event for me on film. Posing and endless costume changes ensue, until exhaustion takes over, when Julie’s hordes retreat, leaving glitter and boa feathers floating through my house.”

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Poster size: 22.5″x30″ ©1998